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    • Published 6/1/2011 9:06 PM


      Drivetech is very disorganized and a ripoff. I went up expecting to race NASCARS for 12 laps I arrived 1 hour in advance at 11:30 for a 12:00 race purchased to 80.00 insurance and the 50.00 dvd. I then went to suit up and was sent in to a drivers meeting that lasted a total of 10 minutes and after the meeting was told to go to the staging area. When I got there I was told that the 11:00 race would start in 15 minutes.11:00 race at 12:00ish? I was told to join this group instead.I finally got started at 12:30pm. Initially I did 4 Laps slowly around track behind pace van while they communicated to cars to alternate positions. I expected to do 8 more laps But after an additional 4 laps the whole group was told to pit. I asked “Was that 12 laps?” and was told “yes.” Two months later after many calls about the dvd it arrived. It showed 4 laps behind pace car and at the green the camera vibrated down so the only thing you could see was the reflection of the stands and the front bleachers. I counted the laps as 4 on green totaling 8 laps. I called them about it and was told that they were going to reimburse my 50.00 and if I wanted to come back that it would be half off 550.00 equaling a total of 250.00 + 80 insurance, plus another 50.00 for the dvd. Of course I declined. Finally they told me you were only allowed 15 minutes of total time on the track regardless if you finished your 12 laps or not. If that was the case why advertise 12 laps and not just 15 minutes??????

    • Published 2/11/2008 10:34 AM


      this is a racing school

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