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Bright Horizon School Driving
Healdsburg CA 95448


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  • Reviews for Bright Horizon School Driving

    • Published 10/30/2014 1:00 PM

      James Toninato

      Things seemed fine until they closed shop. Now I have no proof my child had training ( he did with Dawna ) and I am 125.00 out. I feel that she ripped us off and owes the money back or needs to give me the paperwork proof of driving time spent.

    • Published 6/2/2014 3:26 PM


      Excellent instruction and very accommodating even on a Sunday!!! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bright Horizon to family and friends.

    • Published 7/29/2013 12:47 PM

      Juli Southard

      My daughter felt extremely comfortable driving with Dawna Ortega. Dawna helped her to be calm and confident.

    • Published 2/21/2013 9:42 AM


      Great instructors, Thanks!

    • Published 12/13/2012 10:09 AM


      I have heard nothing but great things about this business. I do question Healdsburg Parent's intentions.Whenever I had a child say something about an adult that was questionable I would go to that adult and ask about the event my kid was telling me about. Parents are suppose to take the responsibility to find out both sides of a situation. Unfortunately Healdsburg parent decided, one to comment on a public website, and two not even give a name. It is a sad day when someone can just bash someones business without the business being able to respond. Shame on you for teaching your kids that they can do the same.

    • Published 12/13/2012 9:01 AM


      Wow, Healdsburg parent! Did you ever consider contacting the school and speaking to Dawnna? Probably not, you'd rather hide behind your computer and make comments. Dawnna has taught thousands of kids to drive, including my 2 daughters. Maybe you should be using your time teaching your child instead of posting nasty remarks! How cowardly to hide behind your computer. If you were really concerned, why didn't you contact the school and just ask? Guess you have nothing better to do, like put in your 50 hours of driving with your child?

    • Published 12/10/2012 9:45 PM


      A caring, committed staff with an extremely knowledgable owner.

    • Published 12/10/2012 2:57 PM

      steve babb

      What great teachers!

    • Published 5/15/2012 9:21 AM



    • Published 5/4/2012 10:20 AM

      Salvador morelos

    • Published 11/12/2011 6:11 PM

      Healdsburg parent

      Donna was a terrible driving instructor. She told my 16 year old that "technically" he's not supposed to cross an intersection when people are in in but that"no one listens to that." she also told him it's ok to drive 10 miles over the speed limit. Her driving instructions amounted to "he just needs to think like a driver." she provide no guidance as to what that meant. If you value life, find a different instructor.

    • Published 7/7/2010 5:24 PM

      mae dutil

      Fantastic. Dawna and Mark know what they teach and are patient and thorough. Great driving school!

    • Published 5/25/2010 12:22 PM


      this is an amazing program i have learned so much thank you...

    • Published 4/19/2010 9:26 PM

      Maria Antonia Pacheco

    • Published 2/27/2010 3:37 PM


      how much does it cost?

    • Published 12/22/2009 11:13 AM


    • Published 8/21/2009 6:24 PM


    • Published 12/29/2008 6:31 PM



    • Published 4/13/2008 8:18 PM


    • Published 3/18/2008 10:18 AM



    • Published 1/20/2008 9:46 AM


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