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Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas
Rogers AR 72757

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  • Reviews for Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas

    • Published 3/6/2017 7:06 PM

      Jason Clayton

    • Published 2/22/2016 8:05 AM

      Agnes Davis

      Can you please call me back if you are available my cell number 270-7176 I need to learn how to drive. thanks.

    • Published 12/9/2015 8:27 AM


    • Published 3/9/2015 6:19 PM


    • Published 9/22/2014 8:31 AM

      Melinda Ferrand

      Both of my teenage children have attended Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas and have learned a tremendous amount of respect for the wheel! I have even considered having them take the course again for reminders of how to drive safely! I am a teacher myself, not driving teacher, but a school teacher and I felt the instructor was impeccable and the lessons well planned and lead! I would encourage all teenagers to attend this driving school, the best in the state, I would say!!!

    • Published 8/18/2014 12:36 PM


      The Driving Academy has exceeded my expectations. I've had two children attend and they both have commented on the thorough instruction in both the classroom setting and in the driving lessons. My second dd had no interest in driving, but after the week spent in the classroom she seemed confident and eager to drive. Her first driving lesson with an instructor was literally her first time in the driver's seat. I was impressed when I picked her up how the driving instructor handled the situation and my dd appeared confident and even excited.

    • Published 8/16/2014 4:01 PM


      This is an awesome company! I had two students attend and never had any problems with scheduling nor did I have any conflict with the management. Rather I found a management that is concerned about the well being of their student drivers and the desire to ensure that all drivers are prepared for driving in all situations.

    • Published 8/16/2014 10:09 AM


      I have sent 3 daughters (so far) to Driving Academy of NWA. It was the most thorough education they could have received. The actual driving instruction was critical to their success. It helped me, especially with my first to get them started on the difficult driving elements such as driving on the highway. The girls took the instruction seriously, especially major issues, such as texting and driving and not getting in the car with unsafe drivers. They were instructed on safe ways to correct (almost tragic) mistakes. An example would be when one slips off the edge of the road. I learned as well how to safely get back on track without freaking out and over-correcting. The administrator cares more about the safety of the students and the people who drive around them than any instructor I have ever met.

    • Published 8/16/2014 7:38 AM


      This program is great! My parents put me through it, and I'm so thankful they did! The things I learned in the classroom have really helped me to be aware on the road! The driving instructors were great! They made you feel very relaxed the entire time and were great coaches while on the road! My parents never had a problem with management, as they helped us schedule driving lessons around my crazy busy summer schedule! To this day my driving record is clean, and I believe it's because I went through this program!

    • Published 8/16/2014 6:39 AM

      Kaleb stalder

    • Published 8/16/2014 6:37 AM


    • Published 8/16/2014 5:51 AM


      This is an awesome program and recommend it for anyone learning to drive. The owner is professional, kind and truly cares about the students and is passionate about the program. You will not find a better program in this section of the United States!! Love it!!! Wish there was more than 5 stars. My son went through the program and I will put my daughter through the program in the Spring.

    • Published 6/1/2014 9:50 PM


      I joined this school and booked a block of 8 lessons in the summer of 2013.Only to be told after booking and paying..that this was a priority period for school students and I was made to squeeze my lessons periodically around this.On too of this my instructors changed almost weekly,I found the manager of the school arrogant and drunk on her own power.Its a family business so everything is taken personally.I criticized admin to the manager..which she didn't take kindly too.Well don't employ your daughters then!Most of the driving instructors I had were good,so I feel the arrogance of the management and the flaky admin lets their good work down.One instructor I felt was a bit creepy.Word of advice to management..if you are going to monopolies NWA as your market...make sure you have enough drivers to cover this. Fayetteville is heading towards being a leading international city so I would say this school needs to step up its admin and facilities to match this.

    • Published 4/9/2013 11:34 PM


    • Published 12/30/2010 5:01 PM


      the best ever....i love how it shows you how to be a good driver and be a safe driver too.:)

    • Published 7/24/2007 8:59 PM


      hey i just wanna ask how long i gonna take in going throught this driving school am 17 years i just move to fayetteville

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