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Southwest Trck Driver Training
Phoenix AZ 85009


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    • Published 3/16/2012 7:07 AM


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    • Published 3/11/2012 11:56 AM


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    • Published 3/10/2012 1:07 PM


      If they're banning teitxng and driving they should also ad a few more things that you see every day operating an iPod while driving.Eating and driving.Putting on Make up and Driving.Getting Dressed and Driving (I'm not even joking I see someone trying to put on/take off articles of clothing daily while driving over the demers overpass)Ban as much as you like, it won't stop people which is the sad reality. How many people do you see using their cell phones in Minnesota still? I've even seen the police themselves using their phone! Don't give me they have some special miraculous training that suddenly gives them a special super power to be able to operate a cell phone and drive at the same time. It doesn't happen/exist, its called experience, and anyone can obtain that with time.Speaking of people who can't drive. How about we make people actually learn to drive vehicles. How many people fail to use a blinker to change lanes? How many people feel its OK to make a left hand turn and turn into the far lane without making a second lane change? Then you get pissed off at me when I turn into the right lane where you wanted to be Tough luck, get in the lane you're supposed to be turning into. You aren't driving a 53 Tractor trailer, you're driving a Tahoe or some pointless SUV in town.Fix basic driving skills then lets move on to other things I think it should be a nice sweeping ordinance.

    • Published 12/10/2008 11:08 AM



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