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Gingers Auto Title Services
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    • Published 3/16/2012 5:31 AM


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    • Published 3/11/2012 11:05 AM


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    • Published 3/10/2012 3:56 PM


      Great post, RJ! While all 5 points persent relevant and vital steps to actually helping teens with this issue, for me, numbers 4 and 5 speak the loudest. I'm always supportive of my teens and constantly helping my family understand and find balance. I'm lucky, so far, that my teens haven't given me any serious problems, your advice and active steps are meaningful for any parent of teens. Too many parents have the not my child syndrome, when it comes to seeking help for their kids. they aren't having serious issues, so think that seeking help is a bit over the top. Certainly, many teens do not need intense help because they aren't experiencing intense issues, but this certainly doesn't mean they won't benefit from coaching or helpful advice from a professional.

    • Published 4/17/2009 2:56 PM

      Armando Vega

      I love it

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