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Desert Driving School
Scottsdale AZ 85267


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  • Reviews for Desert Driving School

    • Published 1/25/2013 10:03 AM


      How much is this class it sounds like a great course for me to take!!

    • Published 10/24/2009 9:42 PM


      My Son had a female instructor, Monica was her name, and he responded really well to her. Before having lessons at Desert Driving School, I would dread driving with my son, due to his carelessness, but after only 6hrs of driving with Monica, he was ready for his Drivers Test on the following lesson, which he ended up passing along with parallel parking. The school is great and even has lesson time on the day of the Drive Test, to work on weaknesses, before being tested! AMAZING!!! Monica was very nice, thorough, and seemed to have lots of experience with teens and driving. I highly recommend her! As a matter of fact, my Son now tells me what I am doing wrong! :) I can honestly say I am learning daily from him, and I couldn't have chosen a better driving school!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DESERT DRIVING SCHOOL & MONICA!!!

    • Published 6/29/2009 2:19 PM


      Good school. Liked my instructor.

    • Published 2/28/2009 7:21 PM


      My son learned a lot from his instructor. He passed his license test. Thanks to AAA for recommending this school.

    • Published 11/14/2008 8:25 AM


      My instructor was so nice. He was real laid back and nothing like my parents. He was able to teach me so much in the lessons I had with him. By the time I was done I had my license. Thank you Desert Driving School!

    • Published 10/9/2008 4:02 PM


    • Published 9/17/2008 10:48 AM


    • Published 8/29/2008 9:37 AM


    • Published 7/2/2008 3:27 PM


      This school worked around our crazy schedule and the instructor we had was great! They really took the time to asses my sons needs and he passed his test with flying colors and gained some great skills along the way! Thank you Desert Driving School!

    • Published 6/5/2008 11:15 AM


    • Published 5/30/2008 9:24 AM

      Mrs. Rodriguez

    • Published 4/26/2008 1:22 PM


    • Published 3/18/2008 12:10 PM

      A happy mom

      We used Desert Driving School for both our daughters. They had great instructors and learned a lot from this school. Not only are they a great school but they have AAA backing them as well.

    • Published 2/22/2008 10:50 AM


      I had run out of options with my son. He was just not getting it! Desert Driving School was able to get through to him. We are thankful for our instructor. She was very patient with my son and taught him some great skills. Thank you Desert Driving School.

    • Published 1/4/2008 8:37 AM

      Satisfied Customer

      I loved this school, the office staff was very helpful, and the driver was very professional. I am not sure about the people below, looks to me like "Sunny" and "Bob" are the same person. Probably some kid who did not pass the test and is upset about it. Especially since he does not know how to spell license! I would recommend anyone to this school.

    • Published 10/5/2007 2:09 PM

      Dissatisfied Customer

      I wish i looked into other options, before i opted for this school....I don't recommend anyone to go here

    • Published 10/1/2007 12:33 PM


    • Published 9/28/2007 11:21 AM


    • Published 9/27/2007 2:07 PM


      I totally agree with Sunny...even I'm a victim of being overcharged...the instructor was pestering me to take more classes to complete the course.......thank god to one of my friend who introduced to another driving school where i got the liscense on the same day

    • Published 9/27/2007 2:00 PM


      One of the worst schools i have ever seen...the driving instructions where not proper.......highly overcharged me.......the instructor is really rude and so is the of the most horrible experience i ever had...I dont recommend anyone to go here

    • Published 4/24/2007 6:00 PM


      it was an excellent school and i had a good instructor but i forgot his name

    • Published 10/2/2006 8:35 PM


      Absolutrely great.

    • Published 6/10/2006 1:45 PM

      courtney sorrell

      John was a great instructor.

    • Published 5/8/2006 9:43 PM


      Great school.

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