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ABC Driving School
Phoenix AZ 85005


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  • Reviews for ABC Driving School

    • Published 7/3/2017 9:19 AM

      Will B.

      thank you for the Wonderfull experience i,m getting a new car now thanks to you i can drive .I took advantage their six hour cash special. The six hour special is done over two days, with approximately 1 1/2 hours of training, then a short break and return to the car for the remaining 1 1/2 hours of training. Because most drivers are in the car on average from 20 to 45 minutes at a time, our six hour special gives you the opportunity to practice new safe techniques in real world traffic. their road training includes the basic handling skills, backing, covering the brake at intersections, correct stops at a stop sign and traffic light, proper signaling, blind spots, safe lane changes, safe and correct entering and exiting private property, safe following distance, positioning the car in traffic, proper lane to travel in, detailed requirements for passing the road test, practice skills without the fear of heavy traffic, and when ready, real world traffic driving on busy thoroughfares. then the more intense 10 hour training course after which includes your state Road Skills Evaluation "THEY HAVE YOU COVERED". When I passed the Road Skills Evaluation they issued me a Training Completion Certificate, which I used to exempt mefrom the Arizona Road Evaluation at the MVD.

    • Published 6/4/2017 8:43 PM


      I was nervous ,however the driving lessons were fun. And I even drove in heavy traffic. and the airport. I thought it would be harder or more difficult. The instructor stressed safety as being the most important thing.

    • Published 5/19/2017 8:45 PM


      Wonderfull experience i would highly recommend them to everyone

    • Published 9/4/2015 2:17 PM


      Excellent school. The do classes for getting tickets off your record and classes for taxi drivers and young drivers. They do not give the drivers test. Only classes.

    • Published 6/22/2015 11:53 AM

      eloise tisdale

      Good and to the point driving instruction. I learned a lot. Thanks Tony.

    • Published 6/29/2012 8:54 PM

      Ramon Bordeloy Prades

      estoy interesado en recibir clases tengo carro y todo listo cuando poidemos empezar pongase en contacto por medio de email

    • Published 1/16/2012 12:13 PM


      Good school

    • Published 1/16/2012 12:08 PM


      i believid it would be more difficult

    • Published 1/15/2012 8:44 AM


      the car had a lot of signs on it. i didn't want my friends to see me . i soon got over that the lessons were so interesting i feel i can drive any thing

    • Published 1/12/2012 8:56 PM


      i was afraid.i had no reason. it was wonderful

    • Published 8/26/2011 6:24 PM


      with people like this i think i might go somewhere eles heres his link i think his name is niels behrmann

    • Published 5/12/2011 3:12 PM



    • Published 12/29/2010 9:28 PM



    • Published 12/17/2010 11:30 AM


      I am so happy I went to ABC Driving School

    • Published 12/8/2010 2:13 PM


      i have good they also have good instructors instructors

    • Published 11/9/2010 12:52 PM


      i need to find a driving school where can i go , i dont knw how to drive

    • Published 11/4/2010 1:58 PM



    • Published 7/7/2010 6:07 PM


      Excellent job!!! They gave my daughter confidence and she received a 98% on her driver test!

    • Published 5/2/2010 9:05 PM


      paul is the greatest i learned a lot in the clasroom

    • Published 7/6/2009 9:22 PM


    • Published 12/31/2008 11:31 PM

      jinnea barr

      referred by a friend

    • Published 9/30/2007 11:51 PM


      (about $250) and they will give you a cheesy test and a license, so long as you don't kill them. That scares me I actually want to learn not to kill myself.

    • Published 9/28/2007 8:36 AM

      Donna C


    • Published 9/3/2007 12:58 PM

      M. McCabe

      Instructor very, very good with teens - patient and extremely safety oriented. Did a wonderful job with our son years ago and our daughter this year. Both ticket and accident-free!

    • Published 7/9/2007 11:15 AM


      I went here and got a 100% driving score. I drive ok. I sent a friend there, who cannot drive at all. She even runs up on the curb. She cannot follow a straight line or stop at a stoplight. At least she is scared of going over 15 mph. Anyway, so I sent her there, and she now has a license. She still cannot drive, but she has the license. You give them the cash (about $250) and they will give you a cheesy test and a license, so long as you don't kill them. I fear for my life, knowing that they are out there.

    • Published 10/1/2006 9:02 AM

      charles golden

      looks like a good school

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