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AA Driver's Educational School, Inc.
Anchorage AK 99503

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  • Reviews for AA Driver's Educational School, Inc.

    • Published 2/18/2017 3:10 PM

      Jacob Mastro

    • Published 8/31/2016 10:10 AM


    • Published 7/28/2016 3:29 PM


    • Published 7/28/2016 3:09 PM

      Runy Grajales

    • Published 5/20/2014 3:14 PM

      Lelia Odden

      i really like the Eduction on the Driver's Eduction School, Inc I like Butch the Driver Instructor and he is very com and also Harry

    • Published 5/28/2013 12:25 AM


      I wanna join this program but what's the cost? I have no driving experience what so ever. Plz help

    • Published 4/11/2013 1:43 PM


      This driving school is awesome. My driving instructor was Brett Johnson and he did not just teach me how to drive safety but he taught me how to drive with confidence. At first, I was doubting that I can learn driving for just 4 days but I did. It feels like magic, ta--dah :) Thank you AA, Thank you Brett, I would seriously recommend this school to all of my friends.

    • Published 4/4/2013 10:25 PM


      I cannot believe all of the negative reviews! This school is excellent. My instructor was Allen. His calm attitude and awesome sense of humor is what allowed me to feel more calm while still being alert while driving. He really took me out of my comfort zone in driving, but it was great because I was able to learn everything and feel more confident in just 4 days. I passed my test with just a couple things I didn't do well. Not only can I now drive legally by myself, but I also feel more confident and safe about it. LOVED my experience with this school!

    • Published 12/31/2012 3:34 PM


      Avoid. Accidently.overpaid $70.00. Never was refunded.

    • Published 10/31/2011 12:08 PM

      lower abdominal pain

    • Published 8/10/2011 12:43 PM

      Ian Michael Starks

      In 2006, I used part of my PFD (Permanant Fund Dividend)on that school, the classroom portion was it bit of a bore. The driving portion was nerve racking 'cause of some people kept shouting at me telling me I don't listen to him. I was about to give up for that. Until the big driving test left me a calmer individual to evaluted my driving. At the end, I lost some points for merging too close to the vehicle. But my result are worthy enough to pass the test on my first try. The most proud day is receiving my driver's license at age 20.

    • Published 6/3/2011 8:22 PM

      Evelyn A.

      Two Thumbs Up for the AA Driving School!!.... I have chosen the right company, to learn how to drive and build confidence behind the wheels. Thank you to my instructors - Mr. Butch Evans & Mr Brett Johnson-who so patiently taught me how to overcome fears while driving, shared his knowledge BTW and techniques on parallel parking on the busy streets and highways of Downtown Anchorage.You are both OUTSTANDING instructors! I will surely recommend the AA Driver's Educational School, Inc Anchorage to everyone, it's really worth the money you're paying for the training! Thank you for the outstanding service!! I am now a licensed driver driving with confidence in me. Evelyn A. Anchorage, AK

    • Published 8/10/2010 11:00 AM


    • Published 5/6/2010 1:52 AM


      send me questions about driving lessons

    • Published 1/20/2010 10:05 AM


      Ive taken 3 classes with this school. The first to get my license. Even in the parking lot the guy was an ass right off the bat. I was pulling out wrong and he slammed on the breaks and told me to do it again. This happened 3 times. Then at the first light I stopped and then continued to pull forward a little and he slammed on the breaks AGAIN!! The classes are for kids whose parents don't feel like teaching their kids basic driving info and would rather drop 400 dollars on it. THEN when i was going to take my winter driving course, the guy didn't even show up the first day of the class. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE TOO. All they care about is "rolling them in and rolling them out"

    • Published 12/26/2009 6:42 AM


      the guy wouldnt tell me what i did wrong when i failed

    • Published 12/10/2008 3:16 PM


      I have had three of my children go through this program, it is wonderful, they are excellent drivers and it has saved me so much money in the long run! I highly recommend them.

    • Published 8/20/2008 10:19 AM


      New Address 4007 Old Seward Hwy. Anchorage, AK 99503 Off of 40th and Old Seward!

    • Published 8/21/2006 5:14 PM


      Fine school. Works with comforts and discomforts accordingly. Friendly teachers.

    • Published 7/17/2006 2:15 PM

      Mrs. Maylen

      I have put three of my kids throught this school, and have been extremely impressed with their level of professionalism and their knowledge of driving instruction. I found good tips and got a discount from their website.

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