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Adam Driving Academy
Sterling VA 20164


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  • Reviews for Adam Driving Academy

    • Published 8/14/2017 7:26 PM


      worst experience, rude and unprofessional

    • Published 12/29/2016 12:00 PM


      Adam helped me fix many minor issues that I had before driving on my own.

    • Published 5/29/2014 10:10 AM

      Elfy smith

      Mr.Adam is a wonderful instructor, very professional he explain and help me throughout the whole process . I highly recommend him.

    • Published 9/23/2012 11:16 AM


      good and punctual

    • Published 5/6/2012 11:51 AM


      Mr adam is a wonderful instructor and he is so helpful

    • Published 5/9/2011 5:39 PM

      Saleem Ahmad

      My daughter attended Adam Academy last year, I can't believe that she got so much confidence in just a couple of classes(I was trying to teach her driving for a couple of months). Very punctual and professional, explained and helped throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Mr. Adam for your kids' driver's education.

    • Published 5/9/2011 7:12 AM


      Mr. Adam is an outstanding instructor. He has exceptional patience and is very professional and kind. Mr. Adam did an excellent job teaching my son to drive safely. I am so thankful we found Adam Driving Academy. He is the best and it is so refreshing to find a good and honest business these days. Thank you Mr. Adam for all that you have done and continue to do for our kids and the community.

    • Published 3/17/2011 7:34 PM


      Highly recommended, very relaxed enviroment.

    • Published 3/12/2010 8:44 AM


      Adam is an excellent driving teacher and I just took 6 hours of driving lessons to learn all the skills for driving. Also I got my driving license. He is very patient and teaches the correct way of driving in an lucid manner. Thanks Adam Driving Academy for making my life so easy that I can travel anywhere now by driving myself !!

    • Published 1/15/2010 9:20 AM

      Omar Tariq

      really good instructor

    • Published 1/8/2010 2:52 PM


      best driving school

    • Published 7/19/2009 5:33 AM

      Wei Li

    • Published 2/3/2009 12:19 PM


    • Published 1/16/2008 7:09 PM


      Best driving school in our area

    • Published 3/22/2006 11:58 AM


      hello dis is adom driving cadmy