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Roadmaster Driver Training Institute
Nashville TN 37217


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  • Reviews for Roadmaster Driver Training Institute

    • Published 5/11/2017 2:08 PM


      This man was so nice and sweet and funny at first until it went completely LEFT. He took me out driving and called me a liar and started screaming at the top of his lungs at me being a complete and utter jerk. It was very unprofessional especially since I told him from the beginning that I needed a calm instructor because the yelling gives me anxiety and I can't drive or focus like that. After I wouldn't allow him to raise his voice at me we went home and he didn't talk to me the rest of the ride even when I was asking him questions. As I was exiting the vehicle his last words to me were "if you don't want me to yell at you don't argue with me". I wasn't arguing with him I was just calmly telli him I didn't lie and I refused to get disrespected. Basically this might as well be a quiet ride because if you even say one thing to him he spazzes on you and goes off. He only got one star because he gave me my money back. I would never recommend this man to anyone. ESPECIALLY if you have anxiety behind the wheel like me, I got out the car so shooken up. I have never in my life been spoken to that way and I refuse to start now. Be careful what you say if you do decide to drive with him. Never again for me.

    • Published 9/14/2015 8:49 AM


      Excellent learning experience...very patient and encouraging. I'd recommend this guy to everybody who wants to learn how to drive...

    • Published 8/26/2013 8:18 AM

      Wendy Addison

    • Published 6/10/2013 9:57 AM

      Taihi hartsfield

    • Published 4/24/2013 11:27 AM


    • Published 3/7/2013 7:11 PM


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    • Published 3/17/2012 3:32 PM

      Brenda Norris

      Need to learn how to drive instead of riding the bus.

    • Published 8/18/2011 6:06 AM


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    • Published 1/14/2011 6:18 PM


      Very Most Excellent!

    • Published 5/10/2010 2:07 PM