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Baldwin Driving Training
Columbia SC 29204


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  • Reviews for Baldwin Driving Training

    • Published 7/5/2017 7:10 AM

      Myah J.

      Baldwin Driver's Training is one of the best programs for teaching individuals how to drive and learn the rules along with the procedures of the road. I couldn't thank the instructors enough they are great at what they do and they do prepare you. Thanks to my instructor Ms. Lisa, I passed my drivers test!!

    • Published 5/16/2017 5:34 AM


      Excellent instructor , Susan was very patient and I passed my driving test.

    • Published 4/28/2016 2:58 PM


      Trainer was super rude inside and out of the class! Would not recommend.

    • Published 8/18/2015 7:36 AM


      The lady that gave me my test was horrible! She was very uptight and unreasonable! The lady that taught me prior to the test was very nice and I learned a lot from her and my driving because really great. Then I got on the test and the lady that was giving me the test made me very nervous and she was very uptight and unreasonable.

    • Published 6/22/2011 5:02 PM


      great school

    • Published 6/16/2011 6:50 PM



    • Published 3/29/2011 5:17 PM


      I think George and Claire are Trolls from another driving company.

    • Published 11/29/2010 10:00 AM


      I also had a real creepy experience with the istructor.

    • Published 10/21/2010 4:00 PM


      the instustor was creepy

    • Published 3/20/2010 7:48 AM

      kendrick brown

      i like to drive

    • Published 4/28/2009 1:25 PM

      Johnathon McLaurin

      Love it! Got my license the first time after I took my classes!

    • Published 4/8/2009 6:55 AM

      Lucas Smith

      Absolutely amazing! With the help of Mitch, I got my licence with a perfect score! Thanks alot!! Nobody could have done better than Mitch...

    • Published 9/9/2008 9:39 AM

      ashley frierson

      I 2 enjoyed lessons i had with mitch hes soo awesome unlike bob @ a-1 i was relaxed when mitch taught me bob just scared the piss out ppl n made u mad! hes very unreliable so thank u very much mitch i got it!

    • Published 8/21/2008 2:57 PM

      Geoffrey Smith

      I enjoyed the class and the driving experience. Mitch Oates is a fantastic teacher. I was nervous about going out driving with someone I did not know but then my mom told me that she had known Mitch for a long time and he is cool. Thanks to Mitch and his instructions I passed the test! I would recommend Baldwin Driving Training. Thanks Mitch!!!!

    • Published 12/4/2007 5:25 AM


      I had the best experience possible! Mitch is the best you can get. my experience was so worth it, I learned a lot more than I needed just for the test. I didnt want to do it and I got pushed into doing it but I have to say its one of the bestthings I have done.

    • Published 11/26/2007 2:51 PM

      Ragin Freeman

      I passed my driving test thanks to Mitch Oates! I definately would've failed without his coaching - thanks for your dumb-blonde patience! :)

    • Published 8/26/2007 7:24 AM


      I took some driving lessons from one of the instructors with this company, and let me say, if you really want a good experiance, let them teach you the ropes. The instructor I had was a guy by the name of Mitch, He was wonderfull, and he talught me so well that I didn't have any points deducted from my driving test. and that is something to brag about. in short, the people are nice, and the lessons are worth it.

    • Published 8/24/2007 3:24 AM


      The class, a little boring but everyone was nice and they let us have a lot of breaks to keep us awake, and the three hours of driving was great. My instructor was wonderful and showed me exactly everything I needed to pass the test and what I still needed to drive. I would recommend this class to anyone.

    • Published 7/25/2007 8:03 PM


      I had been putting off going through it as long as possible, but when I met my instructor he was very relaxed and it really put me at ease and made it a wonderful expirence.

    • Published 7/25/2007 4:30 PM


      I was very nervous, but instructor was very patient and had a great sense of humor. I finished my course in about 2 wks and other friends said it took them months to finish. I try to tell all my friends about Baldwin.

    • Published 7/24/2007 8:56 PM


      A great school, had nothing but the best experience, and I had tried another local driving school before it, so I def knew which I liked better. Passed my test with flying colors!

    • Published 7/24/2007 6:33 PM

      Jared Addison

      I was pretty nervous when i had to get in a car and drive for 3 hours twice but the driving instructor i had was fun and somebody i could talk to and it was easier to learn and i actually enjoyed it i wouldnt do it again unless i had to but he made it go by fast

    • Published 7/24/2007 5:11 PM

      Ashely Griffith

      I was really kind of nervous to have to spend time in a car with someone that was going to teach me how to drive. When my teacher got to my house though my worries slipped away because the teacher was very friendly. I'd actually only driven in a parking lot before I'd taken the class so it was all down to basics. I've been in zero accidents and have no tickets. And i TRUELY can thank this school in one case, the instructor always told me to know where all cars are around your vehicle, so i very frequently look in the rearview mirror. Because I was so aware of everything around me in a split second decision I realized the people in front of me had stopped on a busy street and i was able to quickly get into the next lane avoiding a very bad accident!

    • Published 1/11/2007 10:28 AM


      this was an intresting experiece I was told I was doing well infact better than most students and was never really told fully what I needed to work on as well as the fact I think I was being abused finacially and when inquired about why I was paying so much was told I needed more work and was about a 3 out of 10 yet I was never informed this by the instructor yet just nieve about the situation I regretfully feel awful that I waisted time and money and now I looking for another place that will be up and honest with me and not use me

    • Published 10/30/2006 2:29 PM


      The lady at the school is rude and offers ho help. Not a good idea to try this