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Liberty Driving School
Greenfield MA 01301


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  • Reviews for Liberty Driving School

    • Published 10/27/2014 11:35 AM


      anyone have kids looking to drive? Send them to liberty. kids will learn a ton and they relate to them in a way that they learn what they need to know to become safe responsible drivers.I sent both of my kids there,and I am so glad I did. What an outstanding school with polite professional people. check out the website then give a call to the best driving school in the area.

    • Published 4/19/2014 3:30 PM

      deanna pontonio

    • Published 3/18/2013 6:18 AM

      Deanna Pontonio

      waiting to work out a issue . hopefully it will be resolved soon and i can give a good rating.

    • Published 6/8/2012 10:49 AM


      I learned everything you need to know in order not only to pass but to stay safe. I enjoyed every minute of it!

    • Published 1/4/2008 8:22 AM


      Very satisfied, good job. In touch with the students.

    • Published 6/16/2007 9:11 PM


      couldn't get anyone else to rate you so you did it yourself

    • Published 5/31/2006 8:57 PM


      They are soooo awesome... good staff... friendly and helpful....