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McKenzie Driving School
Camden ME 04843


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  • Reviews for McKenzie Driving School

    • Published 7/19/2013 4:55 PM

      autumn keene

      very good

    • Published 3/16/2012 2:24 AM


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    • Published 3/11/2012 11:11 AM


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    • Published 3/10/2012 10:14 AM


      Re: number of pasnesgers. I passed 6 weeks ago. I have 3 children and a wife. 9 times out of 10 the car is full to capacity. That is my whole reason for passing my test.Makes no sense.I think all OLD drivers should be made to retake their test. If you've passed more than 10 years ago, you don't know what you are doing (even though you think you do) and should have to relearn. That way, that those who have recently passed, and KNOW how to drive properly can do so without you idiots approaching a 30 zone @ 60 and braking like there's a deer in your headlights.