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Briarwood Driving Academy, LLC
Bozrah/Norwich CT 06334


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    • Published 2/26/2018 11:30 AM


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    • Published 11/9/2015 4:32 PM

      i have to click this to look at site

    • Published 5/22/2015 5:42 AM

      min Kyu kim


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    • Published 3/5/2014 9:59 AM

      Jake Goldblatt

      Mr G. Is Ovi the man i will always owe Briarwood for my perfect driving skills!!!

    • Published 4/21/2013 10:52 AM


    • Published 1/31/2013 5:34 PM

      Amber Parciak

    • Published 12/11/2012 5:25 PM


    • Published 12/2/2012 3:59 PM


      I cannot believe theyre still in buisness, they rip you off, theyre unprofessional, theyre complete assholes, and obviously dont know most drivers out there arent trying to drive formula 1 race cars..

    • Published 9/14/2012 6:27 AM


      My fiancee and I were told I was unteachable by Briarwood. My fiancee had me go to another company and in a short time I had my license. Briarwood took my money and made me feel like a loser.

    • Published 8/19/2012 1:32 PM


      I need a the 8 hours course to get my licence. I am 26 and have no access to any car. Do you let people uses your cars with they take your course for there drivers test?

    • Published 6/28/2012 12:18 PM

      Ke hai hua

    • Published 6/23/2012 7:05 AM

      justine marin

    • Published 4/28/2012 10:41 AM

      samantha willey

    • Published 1/22/2012 6:55 AM


      Classes were manageable and driving instruction was fun. Lets hope I'm ready for that road test...

    • Published 12/26/2011 7:20 AM



    • Published 12/7/2011 6:49 AM

      Plainfield Student

      I missed class 12, and called to make an appointment to make it up with the Bozrah office. They gave me a date with a time to be there. It was six pm, Tue. the 6th. When i drove all the way out there and even sat in the class for twenty minutes, I was told it infact was not class 12, but class 3. I do not appreciate the waste of my time because the Bozrah office does not have they're information correct. I am extremely unhappy with their service.

    • Published 10/10/2011 1:19 PM


      i took my road test there like last week and i passed! the inspector was a wethersfield person i think, so its dmv people in a briarwood car

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    • Published 7/31/2011 5:14 PM


      i am just finishing up drivers ed with briarwood, the instructor was nice and i learned a lot. i think i really did become a better driver, but im 16 so improvement was predictable. i plan on takign the road test there too next month

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    • Published 3/26/2011 11:41 AM


      I had two on-the-road instructors: one was a gentle, patient, and excellent teacher. The other instructor was cruel, unprofessional and so stupid - who on earth makes a 16 year-old so upset she starts crying when she's behind the wheel and still learning to drive? Especially when he thinks she's a bad driver? He's just lucky I had it together enough not to crash the car on accident. And for the record, the tester at the DMV disagreed with that awful instructor.

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    • Published 2/3/2011 4:30 PM


      Would be a good to excellent rating but way too difficult to get drives scheduled. Seems they are over booked.

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    • Published 8/24/2010 2:14 PM


      I'm 15 and am looking into drivers ed but i heard you can get your actual license 3 months after having a permit and taking drivers ed is this true?

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    • Published 8/3/2009 8:51 AM


      I wan`t to mace DL in this school, can someone contact me on (860)705-1503 tnx

    • Published 6/6/2009 7:48 AM


      could we have some driving time ,before the class ends for 550.00 lets get it together people

    • Published 5/8/2009 10:46 AM


      I think that class could be a little better but overall its a good class!

    • Published 12/30/2008 2:46 PM



    • Published 5/20/2008 8:31 AM


      I think briarwood is a great school, 3 years ago I took my driver's test with them and failed... mainly because I wasn't getting road time that much, I recently decided to give them another shot when I had a not so great experience with ct drive right, they were very helpful and polite and they understood my needs, I'm currently in the process of making my next driving test with briarwood.

    • Published 4/12/2008 7:03 PM


      Its a great class. I just finished my 15 2 hour classes, it can be considered rigorous (if you're retarded) it is not a really hard class, at the same time don't expect it to be easy, there were a couple kids who failed because they would constantly talk and not pay attention. It really did teach me more than just turning, using blinker and so on. I know the rules of the road, I know how long it takes my car to stop at what speeds, I find myself paying more attention to the road (even when not driving) and thinking of what to do in certain situations. The driving portion was set up easy for me, I left a message at Briarwood one day asking to set up dates, the very next day THEY call me asking me when we can work in driving dates, I couldn't be more pleased.

    • Published 4/4/2008 2:52 PM


      I was not happy with Briarwood. Most of the kids in my class didn't like Briarwood either. Everything was old the videos were the worst and the instructor was mean. The teachers in the cars didn't really seem to interested in anything and were not very helpful. It took me forever to get all my drives done. My parents hated Briarwood and wish I had gone somewhere else. I didn't learn much at all. The class guy was yelling all the time. the class was just watching a buinch of old broken videos really boring.

    • Published 12/23/2007 7:56 AM


      Briarwood is a very well known driving class, especially for parents who are hoping to have their child professionally taught. I'm going to be taking the class next year at my school. The class starts at 2:30 at my school but in other areas where it is offered they most likely have classes both earlier and later. You can get a permit through Briarwood but to start the class you need to already have your permit. The price range is approx. $460. With the payment for the class you get one 2-hour driving lesson, and four 1 1/2 hour driving lessons. There is also 30 hours combined in classroom teaching consisting of fifteen 2 hour classes. Good luck

    • Published 6/5/2007 7:57 AM


      I know how to operate the car and drive good I just want good insurance and a good teacher to teach me how to drive safely on the road.

    • Published 5/20/2007 6:59 AM

      sharon blain

      im 24 and need driving lessons i live in central village and i work till 4 pm can you help me?

    • Published 5/14/2006 5:36 PM


      can u send me the prices for the driving school of briarwood driving academy

    • Published 9/19/2005 9:33 AM

      Sara Johnson

      What is the price for drivers ed? and could i get a permit here too?