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Valley Motorcycle Training
Fresno CA 93729


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Get started with our fun online course required for teens under 17½!

Master the basics and practice road skills in a MINI Cooper.

Take traffic school online with the largest CA driving school.

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Learn to handle difficult driving situations with skill and confidence.

Drivers 55 and older get a mandatory insurance discount!

  • Reviews for Valley Motorcycle Training

    • Published 6/1/2011 7:41 PM

      Wm Smith

      Did a great job of providing good motorcycles and outstanding instructors for the licensing class. Called (559) 299-6347. Also on line at

    • Published 12/13/2009 5:56 PM


      Phone number is now (559) 299-6347

    • Published 3/19/2009 1:40 PM


    • Published 3/10/2009 8:22 AM


      the phone is not in service, so i cant reach this place

    • Published 2/17/2009 12:08 PM

      Helmut Kuhn