Buses and Streetcars

Tour bus

When driving behind a bus, increase your following distance to get a better view. Expect the bus to stop at its designated curbside bus stops to pick up or drop off passengers. Be careful when passing a stopped bus. Don't pass on the right side.

Do not drive through a safety zone, a space set aside for pedestrians and marked by raised buttons or white markers on a roadway. When people are boarding or leaving a streetcar where there is no safety zone, stop behind the nearest door or vehicle platform and wait until the people have reached a safe place.

It is also recommended for your safety that you do not overtake or pass on the left of any interurban train or streetcar, whether it is moving or standing.

School bus picking up child

As a new driver, you must learn school bus safety rules and obey the school bus warning system that protects children and makes school bus transportation safe.