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Avoid These Bad Habits & Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

Practice is important for all new drivers, but not all practice is created equal. Plenty of experienced drivers develop unsafe driving habits, from speeding to rolling through stop signs. Those types of behaviors are not only risky, but they're surefire ways to fail your driving test.

If you want to learn how to pass your driving test, these are the bad habits you should avoid.

1. Rushing

Unsafe driving habits are often the result of motorists rushing to get where they're going. Driving over the speed limit is a good example of this. While going five miles over may seem innocent enough, your test administrator will consider it unacceptable.

Your test administrator will also want to ensure that you come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights. Though you may see other drivers make rolling stops, it's not a behavior you'll want to adopt. If you do it while you're practicing, you're more likely to do it on your driving test.

The best way to avoid developing these bad behaviors is to always allow plenty of time to get where you're going so that you won't need to rush. Speeding, squeaking through yellow lights and other unsafe behaviors may help you save a few minutes here and there, but they're not worth it in the long run.

2. Forgetting to Signal

While you're logging your practice hours, make sure you always use your turn signals. A 2016 study by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SEA) found that nearly 50 percent of American drivers fail to indicate when they're turning, but you won't want to fall into that group if you're planning to pass your driving test.

Though you may see other drivers changing lanes without turning on their blinker, it won't fly with your test administrator. Using your turn signals will not only help you get your license, but it'll also help keep you safe. The author of the SAE study said that 2 million car accidents per year can be attributed to using turn signals incorrectly or not using them at all.

3. Not Checking your Mirrors

Even if you're on an empty road, you should always check your mirrors before changing lanes. Your driving test administrator will be watching to make sure you use your mirrors appropriately and drive with the correct posture.

Getting in the habit of checking your mirrors is a good place to start when it comes to how to pass your driving test.

4. Not Following Right-of-Way Laws

Learning and following right-of-way laws is crucial, not only to getting your license, but also to becoming a safe driver. Your administrator will likely instruct you to merge into traffic, change lanes and make a turn or two. When you demonstrate these behaviors, you'll need to show not only that you have control of your vehicle, but also that you understand the rules of the road.

As a new driver, you may not want to start out on busy highways, but you'll certainly want to make sure that you get plenty of practice driving in traffic before you taking your driving test. Practicing the right way behind the wheel could be the difference between getting your license on your first try and making a return trip to the DMV.

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