Student Enrollment Contract

Per Texas law, all driver education students and providers are required to enter into a contract for the entirety of the instruction time. Please read the following contract and check the box on the enrollment page to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the conditions of taking a driver education course in Texas.

Student Enrollment Contract

This contract is to certify that:

The STUDENT will take the Six-hour Online Driver Education Course Exclusively for Adults, hereafter referred to as the SCHOOL COURSE, from EDriving LLC dba Easy Driving School LLC (School License #C3244), hereafter referred to as the SCHOOL OWNER.

The registration fee for the SCHOOL COURSE is for 360 minutes of instruction and must be paid prior to the start of the course.

The STUDENT can pay for the course with a credit card, electronic check, PayPal account, or check/money order in the mail. If the STUDENT pays electronically, he or she will be allowed to continue with personal verification (and then the course) as soon as the transaction is successfully completed. If the STUDENT pays with a mailed check, he or she has to wait for the check to be received and processed by the SCHOOL OWNER staff. As soon as the SCHOOL OWNER system is updated with a "paid" status, the STUDENT can finish the enrollment process and take the course.

The SCHOOL COURSE is 360 minutes long and divided into 8 modules (sections). Because this course is online, the STUDENT may stop, exit, and re-enter the course at any time and resume the course. Each section of the course consists of about 45 minutes of instructional content, including multimedia presentations and quizzes. The STUDENT has access to the course and customer service 7 days a week. If the STUDENT has a question about course content, he or she will have access to instructors Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This access may be affected by circumstances the SCHOOL OWNER has no control over such as, but not limited to, site connectivity, hardware or software failure.

The SCHOOL OWNER'S minimum hardware and software recommendations are as follows: JavaScript and cookies enabled; Adobe Flash 11 or higher, HTML 5 Video; a modern browser, such as Google Chrome 26, Mozilla Firefox 24, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6.0.5, or another browser providing identical or greater functionality. The SCHOOL OWNER requires the use of a mouse or similar pointing device and recommends using speakers.

The STUDENT agrees to complete all modules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation-approved curriculum in order to receive an official Certificate of Completion. The STUDENT agrees to score 70% or higher on the final exam. The STUDENT is allowed three attempts at the final exam; if the STUDENT fails the final exam three times, he or she must start the course again from the beginning (at no additional charge). The STUDENT is not responsible for any final exam fees.

The STUDENT agrees to undergo personal identity verification by enrolling in a biometric voice verification system. In addition, the SCHOOL OWNER may access public third-party database(s) for information for the sole purpose of validating STUDENT responses to authentication questions presented randomly throughout the course. In the unlikely event that the STUDENT is unable to enroll or authenticate using the voice password procedure, the STUDENT should call customer service at 877-877-2525 or 888-651-2886.

The STUDENT understands that for identity verification purposes the SCHOOL OWNER may utilize the following method for ensuring the identity of the course participant:

  • The STUDENT will be required to authenticate his/her identity using the biometric voice verification system from his/her own location by providing subsequent and random voice samples to be validated against the originally enrolled voice password.
  • When the STUDENT completes the course and is ready to take the final examination, he or she will be required to answer a set of third-party validation questions to confirm that the initial voice password belongs to the STUDENT before proceeding with voice validation. If the STUDENT answers a minimum of 70% of the third-party questions correctly, he or she will be permitted to continue with the last voice authentication for the course. Upon successful voice authentication, the STUDENT may begin the final test.
  • A STUDENT for whom third-party data is unavailable (for example, an out-of-state resident) will be required to visit a notary public and sign an affidavit confirming his/her identity after the final exam. The STUDENT is responsible for all costs and fees associated with verifying his/her identity in the presence of a Notary Public as well as for providing a form of identification accepted by the Notary Public.

The STUDENT agrees that only he or she will be taking the online course, including 8 modules, quizzes, multimedia and the final exam. If the SCHOOL OWNER recognizes that the STUDENT has misrepresented himself/herself, a Certificate of Completion will not be issued.

Refund policy: the SCHOOL OWNER will issue a refund only if the STUDENT cancels his/her enrollment before completing the SCHOOL COURSE and before being issued a Certificate of Completion. If the SCHOOL COURSE has been completed and a Certificate of Completion has been mailed to the STUDENT, the SCHOOL OWNER will NOT issue a refund.

The SCHOOL OWNER will not sell or disclose any STUDENT'S personal information to any third party. For more on privacy, please visit

Blake Garrett
Blake Garrett
Chief Executive Officer
EDriving LLC dba Easy Driving School LLC (School License #C3244)

The STUDENT may print out this contract. By checking the box on the enrollment screen, the STUDENT acknowledges that he or she has read and understood the entirety of this contract, that he or she is over 18 years of age, and that this stands as his/her signature. The STUDENT further agrees to the conditions of taking the Six-hour Online Driver Education Course Exclusively for Adults with EDriving LLC dba Easy Driving School LLC (School License #C3244), and agrees to and acknowledges the following statements:

(1) I have been furnished a copy of the school tuition schedule, cancellation and refund policy, and school regulations pertaining to absence, grading policy, progress, and rules of operation and conduct.
(2) I understand that the SCHOOL OWNER is prohibited from issuing a Certificate of Completion (ADE-1317) if the STUDENT has not met all of the requirements for course completion, and the STUDENT should not accept an ADE-1317 under such circumstances.
(3) This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the SCHOOL OWNER and the STUDENT, and assurances or promises not contained herein shall not bind the SCHOOL OWNER or the STUDENT.
(4) I further realize that any grievances not resolved by the school may be forwarded to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711); 512‐463‐6599.