• Disabled person parking spaces are designed to provide those with visual or movement impairments with equal opportunities to access public or private facilities. If you wish to use special parking spaces, you must hold disabled person license plates or placards. The placard must be displayed where is can be easily seen—the rearview mirror or the dashboard of the vehicle that is carrying the placard holder.

    Depending on the nature of your disability, you may be issued either a blue or a red parking placard:

    • Blue permits are for people who are mobility impaired and need a wheelchair or other assistive device (such as a cane) to move around.
    • Red permits are for people with any other qualifying disability.

    The color of your placard specifies which parking places you can use. People who have a blue disabled parking permit or disabled veteran license plates can park in either the red or blue spaces. Those with a red disabled permit are only to park in the red spaces. If the parking lot ONLY has blue-colored spaces, then it is permissible for those with red permits to park in those spaces.

    Depending on the type of your disability, the DPS may issue either a temporary or a permanent placard. The temporary placard is valid for up to six months. The permanent placard is valid for up to four years.

    If you qualify for the placard or the license plates, you can apply by filling out the VTR-214 form, have it signed by a medical practitioner and submit it to the nearest County Tax Office together with the required fee.

    You can find out more at the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) Disabled Parking Permit website.

    Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the TX DPS. You can visit the TX DPS website or call 1-512- 424-2600 for the drivers license customer service.

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