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Traffic School

  • Vehicles are a large part of everyone's life. We use them to get to school, work, and recreational activities. Auto travel is one of the most convenient methods of transportation. However, driving also has some disadvantages. Traffic tickets are examples of the downsides of driving. You may be ticketed for something as innocent as changing lanes and, apart from paying the fine, you will have points added to your record. Having a traffic conviction on your record usually results in higher insurance rates. Having too many points on your license could result in suspension or revocation.

    However, if you wish to save money on insurance, PENNDOT offers you the option of taking a driver improvement course, also called "traffic school." Such courses are designed to teach you safe driving techniques and will allow you to remove penalties from your driving record. Please note that you may take traffic school only once in a 12 month cycle and the course will remove only one offense per period.

    Even if you did not commit any traffic offenses, you may still take a course to reduce high insurance rates. Present your certificate of completion to your insurance vendor and you can get up to 10% off your insurance payments.

    Today, you have numerous options when it comes to attending traffic school. You can either take a course at a conventional driving school or take it on the Internet through an online traffic school vendor. Taking the course online saves you the hassle of going to a driving school. You have the opportunity to take the class at your own time and pace. The course is available to you 24/7 and your progress is saved automatically every time you log out. And the best part –online courses are often much cheaper when compared to conventional traffic schools.

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