• All cars that are driven on Nevada roads must be properly registered and have appropriate license plates. Most motor vehicles are issued two license plates. These plates must be displayed at the front and at the rear of the vehicle at all times. Owners of vehicles that were not designed for the front license plate and do not have the add-on bracket are still issued two license plates.

    • New License Plates

      All Nevada newcomers are required to obtain the vehicle registration and new license plates within 60 days of moving to Nevada. Individuals who purchase a motor vehicle from an out-of-state dealer or a private party must obtain the new license plates within 30 days of the date of purchase. Anyone buying a vehicle from an authorized Nevada dealer must obtain new license plates before the expiration date on the dealer-issued placard.

      Applications for new license plates cannot be submitted over the Internet or via U.S. mail. You must visit one of the DMV Full Service offices in person to obtain a new set of plates. Nevada license plates are issued to people, not vehicles. You must either surrender the plates when you sell the vehicle or you may transfer plates to another vehicle provided you notify the DMV about the transaction. Plate transfers between individuals will also require a witnessed statement.

    • Replacement Plates

      If your license plates have been lost, damaged, or mutilated; you can order a new set of plates. You may either apply in person at any DMV Full Service office or order them by mail. You are required to complete a duplicate license plate application (SP-14) and submit a prison industries fee of $.50 per plate and a substitute plate fee of $5.

      If you apply in person, you will be issued a temporary driving permit and new plates are mailed to your home address. If you choose to apply by mail, the plates are sent to the DMV office of your choice. You must also surrender your damaged plates when obtaining a new set.

    If you choose to obtain personalized license plates; extra fees will apply for registration, renewals, and replacement. Please refer to the Nevada DMV License Plates website for more information.

    Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the NV DMV. You can visit the NV DMV website or call in for general drivers license and registration information.

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