• If you are visiting Nevada but already possess a drivers license issued by another country, you may drive until your license expires or you acquire Nevada resident status. Please note that the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue licenses or identification cards to exchange students or tourists. Other non-US citizens may be eligible for a Nevada license depending on the applicant's immigration status. You must contact your nearest DMV office to find out if you are eligible for a license. Have the status code issued by the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services on hand as you will be required to provide it during your conversation with a DMV customer assistance representative.

    If you are found eligible for Nevada drivers license, you will have to take a written examination, a vision test, and an on-road test before you can be issued a license. The written test covers general traffic regulations and road signs and may include state-specific questions. You may want to go through some Practice Tests offered at Driversed.com or AmericaDrives.com before you proceed to the actual test.

    AmericaDrives.com offers a course for those who want to prepare for the written examination or simply learn the specifics of driving in America. The course is designed as an extensive guide for those who have never driven in America before and covers a broad spectrum of issues such as traffic regulations, licensing, and insurance. If you are new to U.S. roadways, becoming familiar with these issues is a must for you. AmericaDrives.com removes the hassle and ensures that you are fully prepared to get out there and drive.

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