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Foreign Drivers License Holders

  • If you are visiting Georgia and planning to drive during your visit, you may use a drivers license issued by another state or country. However, if you become a Georgia resident or obtain a job in Georgia, you must apply for a Georgia drivers license within 30 days of your status change. You may call the nearest Georgia Department of Driver Services office and inquire what tests must be taken before you can be issued a license. If you possess a drivers license issued by another state, you will most likely be required to take the written examination that will test your knowledge of Georgia-specific traffic laws. If your license was issued by another country, you will probably have to take both written and driving examinations.

    Even if you are an experienced driver who feels comfortable behind the wheel, you still must be acquainted with traffic rules that govern Georgia roads, especially if you come from a different country. You may also find many road signs that will be new to you and you must be prepared to recognize these signs when you meet them. offers you a course that can be used as a complete guide to driving in the U.S. The course is packed with U.S. driving and safety information and will be helpful for both beginners and more experienced drivers who wish to familiarize themselves with laws that rule the roads. You will learn the traffic rules, road signs, and procedures involved with registering and insuring your vehicle. The course will also prepare if for the written examination if one is needed. Whether you are a foreign student, a business traveler or just a tourist – this course is for you.

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