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Pembroke Pines, FL DHSMV


DHSMV Driver License Office
8001 Pembroke Road
Miramar, FL 33025

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7:30 AM - 6:00 PM (Mon - Fri)

By Appt. Only


(954) 497-1570

Make Your Trip to the Florida DMV Less Painful

A trip to the DMV can feel stressful if you don’t plan ahead. So, before you run out the door, we’ve gathered a few tips to make your trip to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles a little less agonizing.

Just Don’t Go - Do it Online

Did you know the Florida DMV offers certain services online? You can:

If you need one of these services, try doing it online first. Go HERE to get started.

  • Renew an expired drivers license or ID card.
  • Replace a lost or stolen drivers license or ID card.
  • Obtain a paper title
  • Renew your car registration.

Visit Your County Tax Collector?

The Florida DMV has installed kiosks found in local county tax collectors’ offices. These are part of the Florida MV Express program. For now, MV Express kiosks allow you to just renew your registration. They plan to offer more services soon.

MV Express kiosks aren't offered everywhere in Florida. Find your closest kiosk HERE.

Make the DMV Drive to You!

The Florida DMV has a program called FLOW (Florida Licensing On Wheels). FLOW will drive out to specific locations each week, in a bus or RV, and allow you to:

If your local DMV is too busy or you just can’t make it there, FLOW is a great back up plan. See location and timing for FLOW HERE.

Cut in Line, Legally

You can electronically get in line at many DHSMV locations by booking an appointment online. Don’t worry if you get sent to your county tax collector. Many of the DHSMV services reside with them. To get started you just:

  1. Go to the DHSMV website.
  2. Find your county.
  3. Then find your city.
  4. Click the “Appointments” link in the comments column.
  5. Then proceed to book your appointment online.

Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email of your appointment time. Go to work, attend a class, run errands, or watch a movie until your approved appointment time.

Start making an online appointment HERE.

Avoid the Rush

When you need to go to the Florida DMV in-person or you have a complicated transaction, your best option is to avoid the below times and days:

  • Avoid Mondays and Fridays. In general, Mondays and Fridays tend to be busier than other days.
  • Avoid lunchtime. A lot of optimistic folks brave the DPS at lunch thinking they’ll get through the line quickly. They usually don’t.
  • Avoid the day before or after a holiday. The DMV isn’t open on holidays. All those customers not getting serviced spill over to other days.
  • Renew an expired drivers license or ID card.
  • Replace a lost or stolen drivers license or ID card.
  • Change a name or address on a drivers license or ID card.
  • Get a new ID card.
  • Renew your car registration.
  • Order a vanity license plate

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