• Have you ever witnessed a car accident? If you live in a large city, chances are you've seen more than one in your life. Many people don't realize the extent to which car accidents occur. According to the NHTSA, road accidents in Colorado resulted in deaths of 632 people in 2003. Almost 20,000 people were injured the same year. The economic cost of these accidents amounted to $ 3.278 billion. The most astonishing fact of all is that approximately 80 percent of all road accidents are the results of driver error and thus could have been avoided.

    Most people have heard of defensive driving (also called traffic school) before, but may not really know what defensive driving actually is. Driving defensively simply means anticipating dangerous situations, being able to identify such a problem before it arises, and taking steps to avoid them.

    Most people take a defensive driving course only when ordered to do so by a court, after having committed some traffic offense. However, there are other benefits to taking defensive driving courses.

    1. You become a safer driver; you avoid pointless risks and lessen the chance of being involved in a crash.
    2. You also have a chance to reduce your insurance rates.

    Most insurance companies provide valuable discounts to the defensive driving course graduates. Contact your insurance agent to find out how much money you could be saving and compare it with the price for the defensive driving course.

    There are a number of different defensive driving courses out there. However, most of them will be quite similar (six or eight hours spent in a classroom while the instructor is reading a standard brochure).

    Today, you also have the alternative of taking the course online from the comfort of your home. This gives you the opportunity to save time and money. You can finish the course in just over 4 hours and spend less than you would on the conventional courses.

    Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the CO DMV. You can visit the CO DMV website or call the DMV for more information.

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