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  • Casmalia, CA in-car driving lessons

    The road is missing you! If you're ready to get behind the wheel and learn to drive in Casmalia, California, is ready to put you there. We'll keep a driver's seat warm for you in a MINI Cooper or Mazda3, which you'll drive after we pick you up from your home or school for driving lessons.

    Call us toll-free at 888-651-2886 or find our local number!

    • Curious about course details? Great!

      • Get up to speed on the latest in safety procedures and defensive driving techniques
      • Learn and practice basic driving maneuvers and vehicle control on a variety of road-types
      • All the core driving skills: turning, parking, lane position, and backing up (to name a few!)
      • Teens: earn credit toward high school graduation (optional)
      • Put the rules of the road you learned in driver education to the test—work on following distance, starting on an incline, and other tricky driving situations
      • Everything you need to know to ace the driving test personally taught to your learning style
      • Learn vehicle control and defensive driving in a MINI Cooper or Mazda3

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    • Your Parents Will Like Us Too

      • has been teaching teens to drive for 25 years
      • Our instructors are patient, friendly, and up-to-date on the latest defensive driving methods and safety techniques
      • Your teen will learn in a MINI Cooper or Mazda3, which has a high safety rating and an unlimited cool factor
      • Our behind-the-wheel curriculum includes the simplest and the most complex driving tasks
      • Our instructor picks up your teen up from home or school—for free!
      • At the end of each lesson, your teen will be tested to assess their driving ability

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    • Let's Get You Road-Ready!

      • Driving lessons in Casmalia, California are easy with Our in-car driving lessons put to practice what you studied in drivers education — from just starting the car to making complex turns and driving on suburban and urban streets and beyond! You’ll get personal attention and a flexible curriculum tailored to your needs. Plus, all behind-the-wheel lessons in California take place in a MINI Cooper or Mazda3.

        Our instructors are not only trained professionals, but they're awesome people, too. They're all about driving safety, defensive driving, and helping students understand the rules of the road by teaching core driving skills including:

        • Basic driving maneuvers
        • Techniques for defensive driving
        • Road skills for the driving test
        • Turning and changing lanes
        • Parking at a curb, at an angle, and on a hill
        • Going in reverse with confidence
        • Freeway driving, including merging on and off
        • Downtown driving

        Oh, and our fleet of MINI Cooper and Mazda3 cars? Easy to maneuver and rated high in safety, they're perfect for beginning drivers to learn in.

        We do it all when it comes to drivers training and behind-the-wheel lessons in California. Our behind-the-wheel lessons have the same goal as our online drivers ed program—to review what the DMV tests on, and more importantly, building behind-the-wheel defensive driving skills to ensure you are ready for the unexpected on the open road.

        At the end of your last California in-car driving lesson, you'll be given a final driving test to assess your abilities behind the wheel. strives to be the best driving school in California—sign up for California in-car driving lessons today and find out why more drivers learn from us!

        • Personal, one-on-one driving lessons for teens and adults
        • Lessons tailored for students at all driving levels
        • Free pick-up and drop-off in California
        • 25 years of successful drivers training
        • The most up-to-date defensive driving techniques
        • A fully-licensed California driving school
        • Drive a MINI Cooper or Mazda3! is a fully licensed, extremely accomplished California driving school. We not only aim to offer the best online and in-car driving instruction—we are the best.

      • So, California has some requirements for learning to drive. They change a little depending on age. Check out your age category to learn what you need to do to earn your California driver license!

        • Under 18
          • Pass driver education online or in a classroom
          • Earn a driving permit by passing a written driving test
          • Take six hours of in-car driving lessons from a licensed driving school
          • Pass the in-car driving test at the DMV

          Learning to drive is not only a rite of passage for a teenager—it's an important skill to perfect so you can drive safely and swiftly on all types of roadways in a variety of conditions. Our awesome driving instructors are up-to-date on the latest techniques in crash avoidance, braking, driving safety, and California driving laws—and they're passing that knowledge onto you! Learn to drive with our experienced driving school and get the behind-the-wheel driving experience you need to handle your car safely and confidently.

        • Over 18
          • Pass the in-car driving test at the DMV

          Even though the DMV doesn't have required driving lessons for adults, it's never a bad idea to become a good driver with behind-the-wheel driving lessons from a professional driving school. Our awesome driving instructors are up-to-date on the latest techniques in crash avoidance, braking, driving safety, and California driving laws—and they're passing that knowledge on to you! In California, driving laws are subject to change every year—our driving school can keep you up-to-date on the latest driving laws and offer in-car driving lessons that respond to increasingly packed California roads.

      • Whether you need driving lessons in California to earn your first drivers license, or to brush up on your driving skills, is here to provide the full drivers education and in-car training experience: from online California drivers education at home to behind-the-wheel lessons to prepare you for the road.

      • offers easy scheduling. Just log in and request a lesson, and one of our friendly Customer Service Reps will call you back to schedule the appointment.

        Not a morning person? Learn to drive in the evening. Early bedtime? Go for a spin in the afternoon. It's up to you. Once you've logged in and provided a contact number, just sit back and relax—we'll call you and then we'll pick you up!

        Once the lesson is done, your instructor will upload a review of your driving lesson. You can get to this information through your Dashboard—show it to your parents, friends, or tape it to the fridge!

        In addition, you can give us a grade: all in-car students are encouraged to send feedback on our instructors. It's only with your input that we can offer the best and most professional drivers training instruction in the state.

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Earn your license quickly and easily with online California drivers ed. Use any device from anywhere you like and finish fast!