AB 60

AB 60 Drivers License Course (Spanish-Language Only!)

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  • Get Ready to Pass the DMV Written Exam

    Need an AB 60 driver license? With our free online course, you’ll learn everything you need to pass the DMV written exam. Our course makes the information on the exam easy to understand and remember. You will learn about traffic signs, speed limits, and the rules of the road. You will also learn safe driving techniques that will protect you, your passengers, and other people using the road.

  • Take the First Step Towards Earning Your License

    We want to make it easy for you to get your license! Our California AB 60 course helps you pass the written exam at the DMV. Once you pass the written exam, you’ll get an instruction permit. With an instruction permit, you can practice driving with a licensed adult until you are ready to take the driving test at the DMV. Once you pass the driving test, you’ll get your license!

    For more information on getting your AB 60 license, check out our AB 60 information center.