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Use Our Traffic Ticket App
to Fix a Violation

Got a traffic citation? Fix it fast with our free traffic ticket app. You can find an approved online course to save time and money. The app also includes free practice tests and links to your state drivers manual or handbook.

  • Clear your traffic ticket today!

    Download the free Traffic Ticket app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in order to find online traffic schools that are the right fit for you. Spending time attending traffic school can take up a large chunk of your weekend, or it could mean that your nights are no longer your own until the course has been completed. Our Traffic Ticket app saves you valuable time and gives you more options for completing your online traffic school course..

  • Traffic school doesn't need to be a nightmare

    One of the biggest complaints about traffic school is that it can be a very time-consuming process, and can take away from valuable free time that none of us want to lose. With the Traffic Ticket app you will be able to reclaim your personal time and still help to maintain your clean driving record. You may also be able to effectively lower your auto insurance rates, which is something that everyone can truly appreciate.

    The Traffic Ticket app offers court-approved traffic school courses that can be taken online, on your schedule. This can help you to avoid spending an entire day at your local DMV waiting to take the required classes. The DMV manual is also readily available for download, which will further enable you to save some time and study at home, on your own time.

    The Traffic Ticket app provides valuable resources that include flashcards and practice tests that can help to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the course. Sign up for and access online traffic school courses through the Traffic Ticket app. The app is free, and helps to ensure your free time remains your own.

    The Traffic Ticket app provides practice tests so that you will be well prepared when you get ready to pass a traffic school course on your own schedule. The online courses are court-approved so you can complete them on your own schedule, and put your traffic ticket behind you once and for all. Without going through traffic school you might just be facing higher insurance rates and have a blemish on your driving record. The Traffic Ticket app will help you lower your rates and keep your driving record clean.