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Get Ready for the Permit Test with the Rhode Island Drivers Ed App

Use our Rhode application to prep for the permit test. Study flash cards, quiz yourself with over 350 practice questions, and find your Rhode drivers manual or handbook. Download it now for free!

  • Download Drivers Ed Rhode Island to ace your permit test the first time

    The Drivers Ed Rhode Island app is a free mobile app that provides you with the ability to study for Rhode Island's permit test anywhere you go. The app can be downloaded onto and accessed from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device. This provides you with great versatility and the portability that will allow you to study for your test anywhere and anytime you want. A stress-free solution to studying for the permit test, the Drivers Ed Rhode Island app is a must-have for every future driver.

  • Learn to drive on your own time in Rhode Island

    The Drivers Ed Rhode Island app provides users with useful tools that are specific to Rhode Island's permit test. Whether you are taking advantage of the flashcards that highlight valuable information, or you are taking a randomized quiz of as many questions as you feel comfortable answering, the Drivers Ed Rhode Island app can help to educate you and bolster your confidence in your ability to pass the test the first time. Download the Rhode Island DMV manual and strengthen your knowledge of the rules of the road. The Drivers Ed Rhode Island app is sure to help you get thoroughly prepared to take and pass your permit test.

    Our app provides users with quick access to Rhode Island's DMV manual, customizable quizzes that can help you gauge your readiness to take the permit test, and flash cards that contain vital information to help you pass the test with flying colors. The app is completely free to download and is also free to use, which makes it a no brainer for any future driver. Take the quizzes as many times as you need to, and monitor your progress as you get closer to taking the test. The Drivers Ed Rhode Island app will help relieve your anxiety with it's stress-free solution for studying for your permit test.