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Get Ready for the Permit Test with the Mississippi Drivers Ed App

Use our Mississippi application to prep for the permit test. Study flash cards, quiz yourself with over 350 practice questions, and find your Mississippi drivers manual or handbook. Download it now for free!

  • Everything you need to pass the Mississippi learners permit test, all for free!

    Do you simply not have extra time available to study? Our Drivers Ed Mississippi app for iOS and Android devices will solve your test prep problems. If you're watching commercials, then you have all the time you need to get some extra practice in. Our app lets you take practice tests with as little as five questions or as many as a hundred at a time – so any amount of is enough for you to get on the road to a Mississippi drivers license!

  • Get the best prep materials available for the Mississippi DMV permit test

    Having trouble studying for your upcoming permit test? Drivers Ed Mississippi has got your back. Take all the practice tests your heart desires with our totally free app. Can't seem to remember how to answer those annoying questions the Mississippi DPS thinks up? The built in flash card feature will have you master them in no time! Want to have the official Mississippi Drivers Manual on your smartphone so you can study on the go? Our app lets you download it right from the Mississippi DMV with just the press of one button!