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Need to take defensive driving? Find approved online courses with our free defensive driving app. You can also download your state drivers manual or handbook and take free practice tests to prepare for your defensive driving course.

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    Need to take a defensive driving course? Our free app for iOS and Android devices is the best tool for finding a high-quality state-approved traffic school course that fits your busy schedule. The Defensive Driving app not only provides you with links to defensive driving courses, but also gives you access to your state's DMV drivers manual. Plus, get an unlimited number of practice tests to help build your knowledge of your state's driving laws. Don't wait another second, download this great app right now, completely free of charge!

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    The Defensive Driving app for iOS and Android devices provides you with valuable study materials that get you ready to pass your traffic school's final exam. Got a ticket and need to find an approved defensive driving or traffic school course? Our app has you covered with links to approved courses in every state. In addition to all of this great material made available to you for free, you also get quick access to a copy of your state's DMV drivers manual, all right on your mobile device.