What's adult drivers education all about? And do you need to take it? DriversEd.com has the answers to questions about getting behind the wheel!

What is driver's education?

Drivers education is a course that covers the rules of the road, vehicle safety, and everything that you need to know before you get behind the wheel for the first time. In the past, everyone had to take drivers education in a classroom setting, but now in many states, you can do it online!

Why should I take adult driver's education?

Drivers ed isn't just for teens. Some states require drivers education for first-time drivers over 18 too. But even if it's not required, taking adult driver's ed is still a great idea!

You should take our online adult drivers ed course if:

  • You're about to earn your first license and want to learn the rules of the road and get ready for the written test
  • You want to refresh your driving knowledge and get up to date on road safety
  • You want to earn an auto insurance discount

How does online adult drivers education work?

It's simple. To get started, first create your account—it only takes a moment!

Our adult drivers ed course is all online, so you can log in and out whenever you want, from any device with an Internet connection! We'll save your place in the course, so you'll always continue exactly where you left off.

Once you complete the course and pass the final test, we'll send your Certificate of Completion.

What devices can I study on?

You can access our online courses on almost any Internet-connected device! Study on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, and switch between our mobile and desktop sites anytime. Check our system requirements for more information.