• Help Your School Provide For Your Teen's Future

    We've partnered with eScrip to donate 5% of your DriversEd.com tuition back to your school!

    • What does this mean for you?

      This means more money that your school can use toward new sports equipment, school events, computers, and books—all things that make school more enjoyable and educational for your teen!

      Get started. It's easier than your last science test.

      If you already have a free eScrip account, just use the credit card associated with that account during payment, and we'll automatically donate 5% of your tuition back to your school.

      If you don't have an eScrip account, you can register for free (it takes only a few minutes), and designate the school to which you want to donate.

      From then on, when you use that credit card at participating eScrip partners, a certain percentage of your purchases is automatically donated to your school. You can even track online how much you're earning on your teen's behalf!

      It's a choice you can't help but feel good about. Click here to learn more about eScrip.