• More than 25 Years in the Business

    Back in 1997, driving school veteran Isaak Tsifrin, Internet entrepreneur Gary Golduber, and academic Gary Tsifrin came up with the then-wild idea to put traffic school online and so founded WebTrafficSchool.com. Shortly after realizing the benefits of online courses, the idea for DriversEd.com—or online drivers education—was born.

    The rest is history. Since then, DriversEd.com has grown to become the largest and most visited online drivers education site in the nation. We've been providing high-quality, state-approved courses to students since 1997 and helped more than 6 million students become safer, more confident drivers.

    As a company, we're always striving for improvement in our courses. Our Driving School Advisory Board, which includes all our driving school owners and associates, reflects that commitment and helps us to maintain our high level of excellence and quality.

    • Isaak Tsifrin
      Founder and CEO

      A lifelong entrepreneur and longtime DMV instructor, Isaak skillfully operated Sunset Traffic Academy and Easy Driving School LLC for over two decades. As a licensed DMV operator, Isaak has tremendous experience in conducting traffic and driving school. As a result, he's become an expert in navigating the driver safety industry. He holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Economics and Planning from the Latvian State University in Riga, Latvia. In 1997, Isaak was approached by his then traffic school student, Gary Golduber, to put traffic school online.

    • Gary Golduber
      Founder, President, and CTO

      A trained engineer, Gary is seasoned in the development and management of web-based applications. Before forming DriversEd.com, he consulted with Fortune 500 companies including Levi Strauss & Co. and Charles Schwab Corp. A certified PowerBuilder Professional, Gary holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science from Polytechnic University in Odessa, Ukraine.

    • Gary Tsifrin
      Founder and COO

      Gary joined DriversEd.com while pursuing his degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is highly experienced in content development and an expert in effective distance learning techniques. Gary holds a M.A. in European Intellectual and Cultural History and is currently a Ph.D candidate at Cornell University.

    • October 2013

      DriversEd.com launches its redesigned website, with improved navigation and online courses optimized for mobile devices.

    • November 2012

      DriversEd.com introduces online e-cards through Costco.com.

      October 2012

      DriversEd.com announces its approved 32-hour Texas online drivers ed course for students 14 and older.

      The company also unveils its official blog, Backseat Driver.

      August 2012

      DriversEd.com launches its state-approved Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC).

      April 2012

      DriversEd.com's behind-the-wheel driving school expands to Texas! Students in Texas can learn to drive in a signature blue DriversEd.com MINI Countryman.

      February 2012

      DriversEd.com introduces the Florida permit test online. Teens 15 to 18 years old can take the official permit test completely online without visiting the DHSMV office.

      October 2011

      DriversEd.com's releases its state-approved online Idaho drivers education course.

      September 2011

      DriversEd.com launches two new approved courses: New Mexico online traffic school and New Jersey online defensive driving.

      February 2011

      DriversEd.com launches a Texas Education Agency approved 6-hour drivers ed course exclusively for adults in Texas.

      January 2011

      DriversEd.com's defensive driving course is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court.

    • March 2010

      DriversEd.com's Drivers Ed iPhone Application cracks the Top 25 Free iPhone Apps on the Apple App Store; 700,000 downloads to date.

      January 2010

      DriversEd.com opens behind-the-wheel Driving School in Marietta, GA (Atlanta); Atlanta Metro students learn to drive in new MINI Coopers.

      December 2009

      DriversEd.com launches Mature Driver Program for Colorado; curriculum for adults 55 and older.

      November 2009

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Indiana by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

      October 2009

      DriversEd.com opens a behind-the-wheel DriversEd.com Driving School in Canyon Lake, CA (Los Angeles); Los Angeles Metro students learn to drive in new MINI Coopers.  

      September 2009

      Apple's App Store begins offering the DriversEd.com Drivers Ed Application, which instantly becomes number one in the drivers ed category. Read more here.

      August 2009

      EDS, DriversEd.com's sister driving company purchases its 20th Mini Cooper for drivers training.

      March 2009

      DriversEd.com launches its California Mature Driver Program for adults 55 and older.

      DriversEd.com also launches its Nationwide Adult Driver Program for adults 18 and older.

      DriversEd.com is again awarded an exclusive traffic school provider contract in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley) in California.

    • August 2008

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Utah through a partnership with A-1 Driving School.

      July 2008

      Parents' Corner is launched.

      June 2008

      DriversEd.com launches online Fleet Training course.

      May 2008

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Nebraska through a partnership with Road Ready Driving School.

      October 2007

      DriversEd.com launches a national co-branded Delmar Cengage Learning drivers education course.

      August 2007

      DriversEd.com partners with Florida Virtual School to provide online drivers education in Florida.

      May 2007

      DriversEd.com's online Joshua's Law course is approved in Georgia.

      April 2007

      Online drivers education powered by DriversEd.com becomes available in Pennsylvania through a partnership with Henry & Joe's Driving School.

    • June 2006

      Game Zone launches interactive driving games, offering fun prizes and an interactive way for students to learn about driving.

      April 2006

      Traffic School launches in Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley) in California.

      "I am Not a Statistic" is launched.

      January 2006

      DriversEd.com launches MyCars, an auto buying resource created in partnership with Cars.com.

      November 2005

      Easy Driving School LLC's (License #: 4442) online drivers education program, DriversEd.com, is approved by the California DMV.

      September 2005

      DriversEd.com fulfills first purchase orders from Charter Schools. DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Texas.

      August 2005

      More than 500,000 students graduate from DriversEd.com! DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Virginia.

      June 2005

      DriversEd.com launches Fahrschuleonline, a site providing drivers education to German drivers.

      May 2005

      eScrip, a co-branded site that handles the donation of drivers education tuition to support schools throughout the nation, is launched.

      April 2005

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Oklahoma.

      February 2005

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Minnesota.

      January 2005

      DriversEd.com joins The Driving School Association of the Americas.

    • May 2004

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is approved in Colorado.

      April 2004

      WebTrafficSchool.com is approved in Texas.

      March 2004

      DriversEd.com becomes the official provider of online drivers education for the Clark County School District (CCSD) in Nevada.

      August 2003

      DriversEd.com launches AmericaDrives.com, a course designed for international drivers visiting the United States.

      May 2003

      DriversEd.com becomes a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

    • October 2002

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is licensed in Nevada.

      June 2002

      DriversEd.com's drivers education course is launched in California.

      May 2002

      WebTrafficSchool.com is approved in Florida and in Nevada.

      February 2001

      WebTrafficSchool.com is approved in Virginia.

      October 1998

      WebTrafficSchool.com is approved to operate in Los Angeles County (one of the largest jurisdictions in the United States).

      March 1998

      WebTrafficSchool.com is launched.

      April 1997

      Interactive Solutions, Inc (DBA: WebTrafficSchool.com and DriversEd.com) is formed.