Idaho Traffic School

Idaho Traffic School

Improve your driving record!

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  • Fix Your Driving Record with Idaho Traffic School

    Got too many traffic tickets? Having points on your driving record can be expensive. Luckily, with online Idaho traffic school, point reduction is quick and simple.

    This Idaho DMV-approved online course removes 3 points from your record. The course is completely online and accessible 24/7, so you decide when, where, and how you study.

    • Approved by the Idaho DMV and the court
    • Reduce 3 points from your driving record
    • Keep your insurance rates low
    • Convenient 24/7 access to the online course
    • Learn valuable defensive driving skills
  • Getting points on your driving record can increase your auto insurance rates, and over time the costs can really add up. Take an Idaho traffic school course to keep your driving record clean and keep your rates low!

    Completing an approved traffic school course can subtract 3 points from your record. With this online traffic school course, it's easy. Get started now!

  • Traffic school doesn't just help you save money: it can help you save lives. Even the most experienced driver can benefit from a traffic school course.

    With this online course, you'll learn important defensive driving techniques that can help you avoid another ticket or a collision. These comprehensive and easy-to-follow lessons can help you identify and correct risky driving habits and behaviors that you may not even be aware of.

    Start your traffic school course now and get on the road to safe driving!