• New residents to "The Golden State" are required to do a variety of things in order to become a compliant driver in the eyes of the DMV. If you recently moved to California, be prepared to become familiar with these rules if you intend to drive.

    1. You must apply for a California state I.D. card or Drivers License within ten days of moving here or upon accepting employment. This includes commercial driver licenses and motorcycle licenses.
    2. You may apply for a provisional license or permit if you meet the requirements listed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
    3. You also must register any vehicle currently bearing out-of-state plates within 20 days of becoming a resident or accepting employment within California.

    Be aware that California residents are not allowed to import, buy, or lease a new vehicle from another state, unless the vehicle was manufactured for sale in California and the Environmental Protection Agency label certifies the vehicle has California smog equipment.

    More information for new California residents can be found on the CA DMV website found here.

    Note: This article was accurate when it was published. Please confirm all details directly with the CA DMV. You can visit the CA DMV website or call 1-800-777-0133 for general drivers license and registration information.

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